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Blooper cake!

Today’s kind of a bummer of a day. The weather is being super dreary. Work is really slow before the holiday, and will be even slower tomorrow. Co-worker across the aisle WILL NOT STOP TALKING. So what can you do to take your mind off it? EFFING’ BAKE. Granted, this was made on Sunday, as part of Best Man Michael’s and my Cake-Party, but I’m still proud of it, and because it was so big it’s still being eaten in the break room. Only one guy in the office got the reference, but that’s enough.

Things I’m proud of:

  • Flavor - Lemon cake with raspberry icing. Got several compliments.
  • Fondant work- I felt much more confident this go-round. I also recommend The Mat as an awesome fondant application tool.
  • The Eyes - Made with my wedding ring as a cut out.
  • The Outline- BMM’s Idea, makes the cake pop a bit more. It also hides some poor knife-work.


  • Asymmetry-It KILLS me on this cake. The left side turned out EXACTLY how I wanted it, and the right side looks kind of melty.
  • The Black fondant. It may not show up on the picture well, but you can see the black fondant of his eyes extending under the white. Should have cut that better.
  • His Badge - I used the wrong side of The Mat And it’s logo imprinted on the fondant. If you look closely where his heart would be(if squid’s hearts were where people hearts are), you can see it, it looks like a name tag. I should have redone that.

But all in all, I’m proud of it. I’ve been on a Mario kick lately because A). Mario is awesome and recognizable in the nerd crowd, B). Mario cakes are EASY. But, I think I need to branch out of my comfort zone a little bit. I’ve got some ideas. We’ll see what happens.

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