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On fire!

So we had a small fire scare this morning. Everything is fine, nothing happened, but the fire department did send NINE fire vehicles(they do not mess around with townhouses). Which was greatly exciting for Vengelet. As we’re watching them pack up:

Vengelet: Look! Look! Dat one fireman is on TOP of dat firetruck!

Me: Yes, he is. He’s putting hoses away.

Vengelet: (Thinking hard)….Dat not very safe.


I wanted to get this up before the weekend, because we all know what happens on Sunday! So this is my project I’ve been working on for months. It was my showpiece for the National Capitol Area Cake Showcase. I was in the beginner category last year, and I got bumped up to intermediate this year. Competition was a LOT harder. I didn’t place this year, but it was completely fair, and I learned a lot, and I’m proud of what I did. I got low marks for “neatness and precision”, which I also got last year. Wifey made a good observation that because I always try to do some huge grandiose idea, that I don’t get to spend time finessing little details, which is completely accurate. Next year I should try to scale down. A lot of the last minute things I did, like the lion’s mane, or the dragon teeth are the things that I’m not as happy with, because I was rushing at that point. I also got tips from a renowned professional dragon-cake maker, so that was pretty awesome. Overall, I’m pretty proud of it. The North Remembers!

I’m leaving work early today…to go home and work on this cake. Which is a step up from last year, when I needed a day and a half off from work to do cake. It took a lot to get this guy on the cake last night. I broke some of his scales, and his grip on the cake is tenuous at best, but he’s on there. This Dire Wolf might be my favorite piece so far. I have to load in on Friday, and I’m not done yet. I think I see the finish line though.

The North remembers!

I’m behind, again, I know. But Ralph mentioned Game of Thrones withdrawal today, and I just wanted to commiserate and help out a fellow fan, if I could. I am a week and half out from my cake show. I have a lot of stuff left to do on my Game of Thrones cake, but it’s coming along. This shot is from a few weeks ago, so it’s dated, but it’s the most recent I had.  I was pleased with this bird, even if his eyes are different sizes. I used junky fondant his left wing (his, not yours), which I shouldn’t have, but it’s really ok. The cake show is a week before the GoT season 4 premier, so I feel like I timed that right on. This cake is coming together.

But I’m also trying to find a new job, and sell a house. And win cupcake club. It’s going to be a busy two weeks.

On Harry Potter

A coworker of mine just asked, out of the blue, who my favorite Harry Potter character was, because someone asked her out of the blue. I had to think about it. There are SO many characters I love in Harry Potter. Even the bad guys, you just love them, because they are so well written. Bellatrix Lestrange is a fantastic villain, and her entire backstory, and her demise are just wonderfully written. I feel that way about MOST of the characters. But on further reflection, my absolute FAVORITE character is Professor Horace Slughorn.

Firstly, you’ve got to respect a Walrus mustache, I was terribly disappointed that they left it out of the movie. Secondly, who doesn’t love Jim Broadbent?  But the real meat of the story is that Slughorn is the SOLE redemption of Slytherin house. He very clearly embodies the ideal of ambition that is most important to Slytherin, but at NO point does he use that to the detriment of others. He ABSOLUTELY uses it for his own advantage, but never AGAINST anyone else. He plays favorites, but no more so than Snape, or even McGonagall. He signs on with Dumbledore for protection, but stays when the Death Eaters take over the school. More importantly, when Slytherin is given the choice to stay and fight or cut and run, he is the ONLY member to stay and fight. And he ends up dueling Voldemorte. How freakin’ badass is that? Of course you expect all of the “good and brave” teachers to stay and fight, but did you expect Slughorn, a self-serving coward to fight the Dark Lord? That’s character development. That’s why he’s my favorite. Who’s your favorite Harry Potter character?

Ok, seriously. Coworkers? I am 2 weeks shy of 30. I have a 2 and a half year old daughter. I DO NOT want to hear about you how you were just trying to get laid on your first date with your fiancee. I am not going to flip back pages in a LIGHTING CATALOG so that you can ogle the model. Grow up. I’m too old for this crap.

Question. How important is realism when designing a Kraken for a Game of Thrones-themed cake? I got done with the main part of the Kraken yesterday. At first I REALLY liked the tentacles, but the more I looked, the less I liked it. I think it would look better if I put more tentacles going off to the sides, reaching out and up. TECHNICALLY, Krakens only have ten tentacles(according to the Greyjoy sigil anyway.) So, I still have to make the big flippery pair, but should I stop there for “realism” or make as many as I want, just to make it look cool and badass?

More tentacles? Or less tentacles?

Here’s an in progress shot. I just want to emphasize how far away from being done this cake is. Like weeks away, maybe a month. I wasn’t planning to post this picture by itself, but I’m interested in winning Coffee from Ralph, and this is the only thing I’ve got going on right now. I tried to get some of the figures done last night, so I’d have more to show for the competition, but when I start rushing, I get sloppy, and I can’t afford that on this cake(because fondant is DAMN expensive). So, this picture represents the cake to be. It’s a metaphor or something, for not rushing through things and appreciating what you have while its a work in progress and not a finished project. Deep. Not really. But hey, Game of Thrones Cake!

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